When the idea of forming a common forum for Odia students studying in Jawaharlal Nehru University got conceptualized, it evolved out into the formation of Odisha Sanskrutika Parishad (OSP) dating back to 1973. As proud Odias, our Sanskruti (Culture) and Aitiha (Heritage) always acquires centre stage when we talk of our mother state outside. Staying thousand miles away from mother state, the Odia hearts must have thrived to bond together on the basis of our strong and common socio-cultural underpinnings. Based on this, the nemesis of the forum got a distinct identity inside the diverse community of JNU representing unique cultural and linguistic roots from all across India.

Every year since then, Odia students getting selected to study in different academic disciplines of JNU become part of this organisation. Like a Paribara (Family) having strong bonding, affection and concern for every member, OSP has always strived to connect every new member with the existing ones and alumni with a common thread. Just like a rolling stone, the organisation has gathered much sand in its pores in this time period of more than 4 decades as a true representation of Odias in JNU campus. Through diverse activities and creative endeavors, the organisation has created a distinct identity for itself not only in New Delhi, but in Odisha as well.